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Information on Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers help you manage your inventory away from your PC, excellent for larger warehouses or large, unwieldy products. They keep a mirror copy of your inventory, and synchronize changes when you're back at your point of sale station.

We here at POSGuys.com carry a full smattering of mobile computers running Windows Mobile, Palm, DOS, and CE .Net operating systems, from great manufacturers such as Motorola, Metrologic, Janam, Unitech, Honeywell, Intermec, Datalogic, Opticon and Aceeca. These devices can update your data via batch synchronization, 802.11 WiFi, and even WWAN cellular networks.

We've separated the mobile computers into four categories to differentiate the product lines and help you make a better informed decision.

Entry Level mobile computers provide a low cost, effective method for managing smaller inventories. They usually feature barcode scanners that, while not as fully featured as higher-end models, can still scan most barcodes they encounter. These devices are batch synchronize only, meaning that updating databases on the mobile computer or PC must be done via a cabled connection.

Ruggedized mobile computers are designed for rougher environments and feature rubberization to prevent damage from drops, and Ingress Protection seals to keep dust and water from damaging the circuitry. These devices also have the option of communicating wirelessly via Bluetooth, 802.11 WiFi, or WWAN cellular networks, allowing data to be updated whenever necessary and keeping employees in touch with each other regardless of location.

Heavy Industrial mobile computers take ruggedization to the next step, protecting the devices from incredibly harsh conditions. Featuring Ingress Protection seals that allow the units to be dunked in water with no ill effects, the heavy industrial mobile computers can take a beating with little ill-effect. They also are designed to survive colder temperatures, allowing inventory management even in cold storage environments.

For more in-depth information on choosing the right mobile computer for your business needs, feel free to call a member of our elite sales team at 1-800-903-6571.