Three Questions to Ask if you Want to Buy the Label Printer That’s Right for You

Worried about buying a label printer that’s not right for you? POSGuys has helped thousands of business owners like yourself find what they need with these three simple questions.

First: Do you Print Less Than 1,000 Labels Per Week?

Label printers are broken up into two catagories based on intended print-volume. The first type, desktop printers, are designed to print less than 1000 labels a week on average. Any more than that and you should consider using a tabletop industrial printer. Using a desktop printer to print more labels than what it’s designed to handle can cause it to burn out faster than it’s expected lifespan, ultimately costing you more money in the long run.

Second: How durable do your labels need to be?

There are two types of labels you can print: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Direct thermal labels are usually made of paper and are coated with a special heat-reactive material. Because of this, these type of labels are not waterproof and will fade when left in the sun. If you need waterproof labels, or want them to withstand sun exposure and scuffing, you’ll need thermal transfer labels. These plastic-based labels use a special roll of ink-covered ribbon to apply a thin-layer of text over the label.

Some printers will only print direct thermal labels so if you need thermal transfer printing, make sure the printer you’re ordering can accommodate the extra ribbon required. All thermal transfer printers can print direct thermal, so if you need both types of labels or think you might need thermal transfer labels one day, go with a thermal transfer printer to be safe. Call us for help if you’re unsure what a printer has.

Finally, How many things are you Connecting to and What Are they?

USB, Ethernet, and Serial are the common connection types. USB printers connect directly to the computer and are the easiest to setup but can often only be used by that one computer. Ethernet printers connect to the router and are discoverable on your network, so all computers on that network can print to them with ease. The downside is that these are slightly tricker to setup and require you to run an Ethernet cord. This solution is ideal for larger operations.

WiFi and Bluetooth connected printers are popular for tablet-based software like Square, Toast, and Clover. These softwares require very specific types of printers, so please call us to confirm compatibility before ordering.

Want to Make It Easy? Here Are Our Most Popular Printer Options

ZD411 - 2" Desktop Printer


• Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer

• USB, Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth

• Ideal for Shelf Tags, Jewelry Labels, and product price labels

• FREE Lifetime Hardware Support & 1-Year Software Support

ZD421 - 4" Desktop Printer


• Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer

• USB, Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth

• Ideal for Shipping Labels and Packing Slips

• FREE Lifetime Hardware Support & 1-Year Software Support

ZT231 - 4" Industrial Printer


• Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer

• USB, Ethernet, Serial, WiFi, and Bluetooth

• Ideal for High-Volume Printing

• FREE Lifetime Hardware Support & 1-Year Software Support


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