APG Cash Drawers

APG Cash Drawers offers a wide variety of drawers that are designed for Retail, Food, Hospitality and Convenience.

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Cash Drawers


Additional Information on APG

The APG Heavy Duty Line includes APG Series 100, APG Series 4000, and APG Series 6000. The APG Medium Duty Line includes the APG Vasario Series, which offers a durable, cost effective solution to POS cash drawer equipment needs. The APG Vasario Cash Drawer Series is also available in a manual model, giving the medium-duty construction on the Vasario, but with a lower cost to you. APG also offers a Cash Drawer Caddy to organize all of your point of sale equipment into one compact and accessible unit.

APG has been producing POS cash drawers and accessories for over 25 years. Offering a wide variety of cash drawer styles and durability levels, APG cash drawers can be used in a range of environments, including retail, hospitality, and restaurant. APG works hard to make sure that its cash drawers are the foundation of your POS equipment.

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