Zebra 2824

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Zebra LP 2824 & Zebra TLP 2824 Label Printers

The Zebra 2824 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Zebra ZD611.

The Zebra LP 2824 and TLP 2824 desktop thermal printers boast surprisingly compact footprints without compromising performance or value. With a 2-inch print width, the Zebra 2824 label printer offers a multitude of user-friendly and innovative features, all packed into a small but sturdy double-walled casing.

With its competitive electronic platform, both Zebra 2824 models deliver high quality bar code label printing at a maximum of 4 inches per second and support a range of options and accessories for flexible printing solutions in virtually any business environment.

The Zebra 2824 is perfect for:

  • Retail: POS shelf labeling, barcodes
  • Medical: specimen labels, patient tracking
  • Office: mailing and inventory labeling

  • Choose from Direct Thermal Only (LP 2824) models or combination Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer (TLP 2824) models, depending on your printing needs.

    Cables Sold Separately

    These printers do not ship with labels. Shop for Compatible Zebra Thermal Printer Supplies:
    Zebra TLP 2824 Ribbon.
    Zebra Thermal Transfer Labels
    Zebra Direct Thermal Labels

    Product Specifications
    Color Options White, Gray
    Interface USB, serial, or parallel
    Print Speed 4 in / second (102 mm / second)
    Print Method LP 2824: Direct thermal TLP 2824: Direct thermal / thermal transfer combo
    Print Resolution 203 dpi / 8 dots per mm
    Maximum Print Area Width: 2.2 in (56 mm)
    Length in Page Mode: 11 in (279 mm) with standard memory - 22 in (558 mm) with optional memory
    Length in Line Mode: Unlimited (LP model only)
    Paper Dimensions Width: 1 to 2.36 in (25.4 to 60 mm)
    Character Set ZPL: Supports user-defined fonts and graphics— including custom logos IBM® Page 850 International Characters
    Resident Fonts EPL: Standard fonts: 5 bitmapped, expandable 8x Soft font storage in Flash memory
    ZPL: Standard fonts: 16 bitmapped, 1 smooth scalable (CG Triumvirate™ Bold Condensed)
    Barcodes Supported EPL Models
    Linear barcodes: Code 39, Cod 128A, B & C(User selectable/Auto), UCC/EA 128, Code 93, Codabar, Interleaved 2-of-5, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-A with 2 and 5 add on, UPC-E with 2 and 5 add on, EAN 13, EAN 8 EAN 13 with 2 and 5 add on, EAN 8 with 2 and 5 add on, Postnet (5, 9, 11, & 13 digit) Japanese Postnet, Plessey (MSI-1), MSI-3, German Post Code, RSS-14 (limited, trunca stacked) (downloadable)
    Barcodes Continued 2-D barcodes: MaxiCode (modes 2,3,4,6), PDF417 , MacroPDF417, QR Code optional—with Asian font set only), DataMatrix (downloadable)
    Barcodes Continued ZPL Models
    Linear barcodes: Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC and EAN 2-of-5 digit extensions, Plessey, POSTNET, Standard 2-of-5, Industrial 2-of-5, Interleaved 2-of-5, Logmars, MSI, Codabar, RSS-14 (limited, truncated, stacked)

    2-D bar codes: PDF417, MicroPDF-417, Code 49, MaxiCode, Codablock, Data Matrix, QR Code, RSS Composite
    Graphics Printing line and box drawing, PCX graphic storage
    Memory Standard: 512 KB Flash, 128 KB SRAM
    Optional: 1MB Flash, 256 KB SRAM
    Printer Languages ZPL and ZPLII or EPL2
    Two Color Printing Capabilities No
    Auto Cutter Optional
    Peeler / Presenter Optional
    Internal Rewind No
    LCD Display No
    Weight LP 2824: 2.7 lb (1.2 kg)
    TLP 2824: 3.5 lb (1.6 kg)
    Wall Mountable No
    Operating Temperature 40°F - 105°F (5°C - 41°C)
    Software Included ZebraDesigner™ basic label design software
    In The Box LP 2824: Documentation and warranty, sample labels, printer, cleaning pen, power supply

    TLP 2824: Documentation and warranty, sample labels, printer, cleaning pen, ribbon take-up core, power supply

    Zebra 2824 Reviews

    POSGuys Rating:

    Aug '17: The long running 2824 series is being replaced by the ZD410 series. The ZD410 prints faster and is less expensive but only does direct thermal printing. The Thermal Transfer TLP2824 will continue to be produced as long as their is a demand for a 2" thermal transfer printer. This is the only two inch thermal transfer printer on the market. Unless you will be doing thermal transfer printing the ZD410 is the better buy.

    Original Review: 4/5 Stars The Zebra LP 2824 and TLP 2824 are the printers of choice for many POS Software applications due it their wide range of options and compact sizes. Great for printing low-to-medium volumes of barcode, mailing, or item labels.

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    Product Video Transcript

    Zebra LP2824 Barcode Printer Video

    Hi it's Camille with POSGuys.com. Today we're taking a look at two Zebra barcode printers. We have the LP2824 and the TLP2844. They can both print up to four inches per second, the LP models are direct thermal and the TLPs are thermal transfer and the main differences is the width of the labels they can print so two inches versus four inches.

    So I'm going to walk you through how to change the media and take a look inside. Just push the button on the left side here. When you push it forward the printer will move up. It locks in place so you can't accidentally snap your fingers inside of it. The LP2824 has the same button on the side pops right open. For your media the barcode label is here. This is a four inch label. This just slides open. Pop it in. Fits on there just like that. You want to slide it into these black notches so that it doesn't slide around when you are printing. You can tighten those down by rotating this dial, right here. Tighten in place right there. It will keep your registration better. Moving on to the 2824. This is a smaller area for your roll. You can pull it open just like that. It goes in the same way as the big one it's just a smaller roll. It just pops on there just like that, I imagine you'd probably have a larger roll than this but it's all I've got right now and then you want to slide it under the notches. You want it to be held in place so your registration is better. Then you just close it up and it's good to go. That is the direct thermal one so it should be ready to print just like that.

    This one because it is thermal transfer you have to have a ribbon. I'll just show you how to add ribbon. Here is our thermal transfer ribbon. When you get the printer it should come with a take-up roll which if you can see inside there it is that cardboard roll. Don't throw this away. It's that cardboard roll, you need it to take up your ribbon. It just slides around back here and you can slide it in the back I'm beating the ribbon up a little bit but it'll work out. It snaps in place and then you just roll it up and do the same thing in the front. It fits in place a little bit like loading toilet paper. It snaps right in place. Now if you take a look at the side here we have some dials. You can take in the ribbon, it will make sure that your tension is correct so that your printing is going to come out even all the way around and there you have it, you have your thermal transfer ribbon in place.

    I'm just going to show you an example of the printing on the TLP2844. So File, Print, and we're just going to do one copy on the TLP2844 and we hit print it'll come out down there we're using a demo so it changes the printing on us. Now this is set to one of the slowest settings right now and it's coming out a little bit light. So if when you get the printer it comes out a little bit light and is slow don't get discouraged you can actually change this in the printer settings and I'll show you how to do that.

    So we're gonna go do the same thing, hit print and then instead of just printing with the default settings we're gonna go to document properties up here, we're going to change the speed, we're going to put it higher and the darkness we're going to go to 14 darkness which is just under the darkest setting. Keep in mind this is going to be different for each type of software like if you have a different software from us then it may look slightly different you may have different options. So now we're just gonna go ahead and hit print and it should definitely come out a lot darker and a lot faster than the last one. You should be able to see the difference there. The barcode is a lot clearer. The black is just a lot darker.

    We're gonna put the LP2824 through a really fast speed test. So it should print off twenty labels. Twenty labels in no time at all. The two models I have here today are both the original. So the TLP2844 and the LP2844 are both original which mean they EPL programming language. There is a Z-Series available which does ZPL programming language and also a Plus series which does both. Now most barcode labeling programs will handle either or so it's probably not a big deal but if you have custom software that is something you want to think about before purchasing a model.

    We have ribbons here and I forgot to show you earlier that you can have smaller ribbons on a four inch core. You don't actually have to have a four inch ribbon which will save you some money. For the smaller 2824 if you have the TLP2824 you can actually have a smaller ribbon here. We have a variety of media available on POSGuys.com. We can help you pick out the correct supplies for your printer if you're not sure what to get. The direct thermal printers will of course need direct thermal labels and media so you'll have to get the actual direct thermal paper. The thermal transfer will just have thermal transfer paper which is a little bit cheaper.

    Now I mentioned that this is thermal transfer printer earlier but it's actually dual. All the TLPs will do thermal transfer and direct thermal so it's up to your choosing which one you want to do there. The warranty on these is one year. They are available in all the standard interfaces, parallel, serial, USB. There are even some ethernet options, give us a call if you are interested in that. If you want more info or would like to buy the TLP2844 or the LP2824 call us at 855-POS-GUYS or visit www.POSGuys.com


    (Single Roll) 2.25"W x 2.00"H Z-Select 4000D Labels: White with Perforation Between Labels, 1370 Labels/Roll
    2" Ribbon Take-Up Core For 2" Thermal Transfer Printers. 0.5" OD. (Three Pack)
    6-Foot USB 2.0 Cable: White, A to B
    6-Foot Parallel Printer Cable, DB25M/CENT36M, Beige
    Serial Cable, Beige, 6 Feet, DB9 M/F
    Zebra Power Supply Assembly Kit For LP2824 PLUS, 100-240V, C5, With US Cord, 200DPI
    ZDesigner Pro v2 Software, Barcode Label Software, for Proxis, Cash Register Express and Aldelo
    2 Year Zebra Warranty, SValue, Must Be Purchased With In 30 Days of Desktop Printer, 5 Day TAT, Non-Comprehensive - For GC, GK, LP/TPL, ZD4 Series Printers

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