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Zebra ZD 410

ZD 410 Barcode Printers

The new ZD410 desktop barcode printer by Zebra is a great entry level ribbon-free direct thermal printer for smaller scale print tasks.

Having a maximum print width of 2 inches, the ZD410 works best in retail for shelf labels, product labels and fine barcode printing jobs such as jewelry tags (the 300dpi option is suggested for smaller barcode printing). Being about the size of a tissue box and printing at a speed up to 6 inches per second, the ZD410 is ideal for office or front desk printing where you can provide name tags or even wristbands quickly to waiting patrons.

For ease of use, all moving parts are bright yellow so you’ll be able to navigate your way through the set up steps quickly. Zebra ZDesign V2 Software is available to purchase. As far as accessories goes, the ZD410 offers field upgradable parts, such as a dispenser or cutter that are simple enough to install yourself. The ZD410 ships with a 1 year factory warranty, with optional extended fully comprehensive warranties available through Zebra’s One Care program.

  • Direct Thermal Printing (ribbon free)
  • Maximum 2" Print Width
  • 203 dpi or 300 dpi (optional)
  • Compact Footprint

Need set up help? This article, Zebra ZD410 Initial Set Up by Zebra on how to's and tips can cover most FAQs.

También puede ver esta lista en Español. Visite EquiposTPV.com para comprar el Zebra ZD410 impresora de códigos de barras.

Product Specifications
Colors Options Gray, Health Care White
Interfaces Available USB
Print Speed 6 ips maximum print speed
Print Method Direct Thermal printing of barcodes, text and graphics
Print Resolution 203 DPI
300 DPI
Maximum Print Area Media width: 2.20” (56 mm)
Paper Dimensions Media width: 2.36” (15 - 60 mm)
Maximum Label Length: 39.0 in./991 mm
Memory 512 MB Flash
Two Color Printing Capabilities No
Barcodes Supported Linear & 2-D barcode symbologies
Auto Cutter None
Peeler / Presenter Optional
Internal Rewind None
LCD Display No Display
Operating Temperature 40° to 105° F/4.4° to 41° C
Firmware ZPL II ; EPL 2; EPL Line Mode; XML ; ZBI
Dimensions 8.6 in. L x 4.5 in. W x 6.0 in. H
220 mm L x 115 mm W x 151 mm H
Weight 2.2 lbs./1.0 kg

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Zebra ZD 410 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Aug '17: 4/5 Stars The ZD410 is the direct replacement for the very popular LP2824 Label Printer. Like the 2824 it is a 2" wide printer that is very compact and very user friendly. The new ZD410 prints up to 6 inches per second which is over 33% faster than the older model. It is also a modular design that can be field upgraded if you want to add on a dispenser or cutter at a future date. A 300 dpi version is also available for anyone that has to print ultra small and dense barcodes (jewelry, manufacturing, etc.) .

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ZD410 Desktop Printer, 2" with 203 dpi, US Cord, USB & Bluetooth LE
ZD410 Desktop Printer, 2" with 203 dpi, US Cord, USB, Bluetooth LE & Ethernet
ZD410 Desktop Printer, 2" with 203 dpi, US Cord, USB, Bluetooth 4.0 & Wi-Fi

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ZD410 Desktop Printer, 2" with 300 dpi, US Cord, USB & Bluetooth LE
ZD410 Desktop Printer, 2" with 300 dpi, US Cord, USB & Bluetooth LE & Ethernet
ZD410 Desktop Printer, 2" with 300 dpi, US Cord, USB & Bluetooth 4.0 & Wi-Fi


ZD410-BATT-KIT Battery Base Kit: Includes battery housing (P1080383-602) and desktop printer battery (P1080383-603)
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P1080383-603 Battery for Desktop Printers: for ZD410, ZD420 Series, ZD620 Series, ZD420 Cartridge. Requires Base Housing (P1080383-602 for ZD410 / P1080383-600 for ZD420 & 620).
Add to Cart
P1080383-602 Kit, Base Housing for Battery, ZD410
Add to Cart
P1079903-021 ZD410 Accessory Upgrade Kit, Cutter, Full, 2 Inch
Add to Cart
13831-002 ZDesigner Pro v2 Software, Barcode Label Software, for Proxis, Cash Register Express and Aldelo
Add to Cart
P1079903-022 ZD410 Accessory Kit, Dispenser
Add to Cart
Z1AE-ZD40-3C0  3 Year Zebra One Care, Essential, 3-Day Exchange, Comprehensive Coverage for ZD410 & ZD420, Must be Purchased with in 30 Days of Printer Purchase
Add to Cart
Z1AS-ZD40-3C0  3 Year Zebra One Care, Select, Advanced Exchange, Comprehensive Coverage for ZD410 & ZD420, Must be Purchased with in 30 Days of Printer Purchase. Call for more information; requires purchase of additional printer.
See Price In Cart
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Z1AV-DESK-2 2 Year Zebra Warranty, SValue, Must Be Purchased With In 30 Days of Desktop Printer, 5 Day TAT, Non-Comprehensive - For GC, GK, LP/TPL, ZD4 Series Printers
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Product Video Transcript

Zebra ZD410 Product Review Video

Hi, Travis with POSGuys.com. Today we're reviewing Zebra's latest 2-inch printer, the ZD410. This is the only 2-inch printer that they're going to make going forward, and it's a direct replacement for the older LP2824. The LP2824 was a great printer, it's been in the market for about 10 years right now, there's a 2824 plus, there was a TLP version, but overall it was kind of the little engine that could, it was a small, durable printer, good for printing little address labels or jewelry labels, things like that. The ZD410 is an upgrade. It has a new interface that is much easier to use than the 1 button interface. Calibrating is much more straightforward, much easier to do. Loading in the labels is the same way as the old printer, it's a clamshell design, you release the clips, drop in the media, close the top, and you're ready to print. It is better than the 2824 because it's now available with more options. There's new interfaces available, there's Bluetooth, there's WiFi, you can add Ethernet after you purchase the printer, you can also add cutters of peelers in the field, you don't have to purchase those ahead of time anticipating that you're going to use it in the future, you can add them on later on. The price point on it is similar, the warranty is similar, and then size-wise, it's actually a little smaller. Your width is going to be pretty much the same, but the height, it's a little bit shorter. Overall a little smaller, and overall a little better printer. There's also a 300 dpi printer version available, which makes jewelry labels able to use a much more dense barcode, 300 dpi can print finer lines, so you can print very very small, very very tight barcodes. So that is a welcome addition to the 2-inch printer line.

Maxiumum print speed on the ZD410 is 4 inches per second if you're printing in 300 dpi mode, and 6 inches per second if you're printing in 203 dpi mode. I'm going to print here some sample labels. This is printing in 300 dpi, so your max print speed is 4 inches per second. I'm going to print 10 labels.

Changing media and calibrating is a much more simplified process than in the past. I'm going to take out my short labels here, and we're going to switch them to a black-mark label. You drop it in like before, if you want to adjust, there's a little wheel there you can adjust the absolute thickness of it, you can make it a little wider if you want a little more play on the wheel. Close it up. So to calibrate in the past you had to turn off the printer, hold down the button, turn on the printer, wait for the light to flash, and then let go. Now, at any point if you hold down the two buttons on the edge and wait for two seconds it'll spit out a new label that's calibrated. Printing the configuration of your printer is much easier too, you just hold down the two buttons on the side, you'll see some lights blinking, and then it spits out the configuration of the printer.

300 dpi printing allows some very dense barcodes to be printed, so you can print on a very small jewelry label, this is the butterfly label, your ring or item goes in the middle, and then it wraps around the side. As you can see, I have a very very tiny barcode on it, and in order to print that you do need 300 dpi. It prints 300 dpi at 4 inches per second, I'll print 5 more labels, and you get high quality labels on jewelry stock. This is a big improvement over the old printer, where you couldn't print nearly as dense barcodes on a jewelry label.

So overall how do we rate the ZD410? It's an improvement on the 2824, the calibration process is much better, which was one of the hang ups of the older printer, so overall it's a good buy. It's definitely cheaper than the 4 inch model, so if you're printing things like jewelry tags, address labels, you never need to go to that 4 inch print width, then I highly recommend the ZD410. It is one of the only 2-inch print width models on the market, so definitely a good buy. The standard warranty on the ZD410 is 12 months or 1 year. Extended warranties are also available if you want comprehensive coverage or faster replacement. Your standard interface is USB, there are Ethernet, WiFI, Bluetooth, Serial interfaces, either as add on modules or as optional models to be purchased. This is the healthcare white version, it's plastic can also be sprayed down so you can sterilize it. The grey version is also available, that's a little less, it's just your standard retail version that can't be sprayed down as well, the plastic is normal plastic on it. For more information on this printer, to purchase the printer, to purchase supplies for it, please visit us at POSGuys.com. Thanks!

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