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FAQ# 2127: I've scanned the interface setup for my Motorola/Symbol scanner and now it has stopped working. How can I fix it?


I've scanned the interface setup for my Motorola/Symbol scanner and now it has stopped working. How can I fix it?


If the scanner or cradle no longer receives power, but shows up as an unspecified device on the system; there is a chance you may have scanned the CDC interface. That interface sets the scanner to use a serial emulation mode, which won't work without a driver.

The driver is usually available on the manufacturer's support page: Motorola CDC Driver.

If you did not intend to use the scanner in this mode, scan the 'Return to Factory Defaults' barcode, and then scan the barcode for the correct interface.

NOTE: If this resolution doesn't work, the scanner will power on for a very brief period when the computer is restarted. You can use that small window to scan the 'Return to Factory Defaults' in the quick start guide.

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