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Amigo Point of Sale v7

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Point of Sale v7 POS Software

The Amigo Point of Sale v7 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Aldelo PRO POS Software.

Amigo Point of Sale v7 gives any restaurant an affordable and easy to use solution. With scalability from single register businesses to restaurants with multiple order stations, Amigo Point of Sale can meet the needs of your growing business.

Detailed Amigo Software Information

The bright, easy to navigate menu system is the front end for an incredibly powerful system, supported by Microsoft's powerful SQL 2008 database engine. A back office module is installed at every station, allowing managers to make changes on the fly from any nearby location. Menu changes can take effect on-the-fly, so servers can quickly see what is out or what's on special.

Ideal for restuarants, Amigo POS also features a hotel interface for Micros compatibility.
    Amigo POS supports a variety of establishments:
  • Table Dining
  • Quick Service &Takeout
  • Delivery
  • Bar &Nightclub
  • Pizza
  • Convenience &Grocery Stores
  • Hotel &Resort Gift Shops
  • Liquor &Tobacco Stores

Full Amigo Software Features Chart

Amigo POS integrates with PC Charge Payment Server for fast, instant credit card processing.

Amigo support and training contracts are in-house, information on coverage can be found here.

    Is Amigo Restaurant Software EMV Ready?
    Yes. Mercury Payment and Verifone Point both have integrated payment capabilities with Amigo Restaurant. OpenEdge EdgeLink (formerly X-Charge) will also be integrated in the near future.

    You can be EMV compliant without integration with your software if you purchase a stand-alone EMV Ready payment terminal found here POSGuys Payment Terminals.
    From the Amigo Restaurant website "Business that use an stand-alone credit/debit terminal can continue to do so. After the transaction is processed successfully on the stand-alone terminal, press the settle button in Amigo Pos and select the Manual Credit payment option to complete the transaction."
Product Specifications
Minimum Processor 1.5 GHz
Minimum RAM 1 GB
Minimum Operating System Windows 7 32-bit (recommended), Windows 7 64-bit, Windows XP Pro SP3/Home SP3/PosReady 2009, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Server 2008
Minimum Display Resolution 800 x 600
Credit/Debit Processing Integrated Via PC Charge Payment Server
Finance Software Compatibility Can Export to QuickBooks
Employee Access Control Yes
Employee Scheduling Yes
Employee Time Clock Yes
Inventory Management Yes
Mobile Compatibility Not Available
Customer Loyalty / Tracking House Accounts Available
Tax Levels Multiple
Customer Displays Supported Yes
Label Printing Integrated
Report Support Sales Reporting, Exports to Excel or QuickBooks
Number of Stations Only Limited By Operating System
Multi-Store Support Not Available
Multiple Dining Room Layout Support Yes
Multiple Printer Support Yes
Tab/Check Splitting Yes

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