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Barcode Printer

Barcode printers, or label printers, allow you to create customized labeling for products and assets at your business. If you need to track an item, a barcode label is a fantastic way to add a barcode, RFID tag, or other method to automate the data capture process. From shipping labels to jewelry tags, shelf labels to those found on pizza boxes, barcode labels are a ubiquitous part of business optimization.

Desktop Printer

    Desktop printers are smaller units designed for lower volume print runs, maybe up to a few hundred in a day. These affordable printers can support label widths up to 4 inches, so they are a smart option for small to medium businesses looking to add shipping to their operations. The small design of desktop printers saves you space while providing most of the same features as tabletop printers.

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Tabletop Printer

    Tabletop printers are also known as industrial label printers. These are large, metal printers that are designed for huge print runs. The heavy duty build quality of tabletop printers allows them to support massive label rolls, minimizing downtime from swapping media. You can also get these printers with added features, such as rewinders, label peelers, and label cutters. For large manufacturing runs or anywhere you may be printing thousands of labels a day, these printers are a smart choice.

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Healthcare Printer

    For printing wristbands, specimen labels, or prescription labels, a healthcare printer is a smart choice. These tend to have stronger build quality than desktop printers, allowing you to clean the outer casing without damaging the plastics. Wristband printers usually support larger label rolls, as wristbands are much longer than standard labels.

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