FAQ# 2393: Do you need Driver License Scanning?


Do you need Driver License Scanning?


What is a Driver License-Capable Scanner?
A scanner advertising as 'Driver's License-Capable' is typically a 2D scanner that either comes with built-in DL Parsing software or provides it as a downloadable add-on. It's crucial to read the product description carefully. All 2D scanners can read a Driver's License, but not all of them come with Parsing Software. We frequently receive calls from customers who've had to return their 2D scanners after discovering the importance of DL Parsing software.

Can all scanners read a Driver's License?
No, only 2D scanners are typically able to scan the complex barcodes found on the back of a Driver's License and you will need Driver License Parsing Software to make sense of what you scan.

What is DL Parsing?

DL Parsing is the specific software that equips the hardware to filter or select specific information when a 2D scanner reads a Driver's License. For example, if you scanned a Drivers License with a 2D Scanner, it will scan DOB, Name, Weight, Height, etc. With DL Parsing Software, only the information you need or want is scanned.

How can I get a scanner that only scans the data I need?

To achieve this, you need software commonly known as Driver's License Parsing Software. You have two options: either purchase a scanner with built-in Driver's License Parsing Software or ensure your Point-of-Sale (POS) Software already has the capability to parse the data.

Where can I get DL Parsing Software or scanners?

Certain scanners, like those linked below, come with built-in Driver's License Parsing Software. Alternatively, all of our 2D scanners are capable of scanning Driver's Licenses.

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