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POS Hardware

POS Hardware is a another way of describing the equipment that you use at your point of sale. POS Hardware has come a long way from the days of mechanical cash registers, providing businesses with ways to eliminate errors, speed the checkout process, and save time better spent on customer service.

Barcode Scanner

    Before the barcode scanner, prices had to be marked on every product, or the checker had to know the price of every product in the store. This meant if you wanted to put something on sale, you'd have to re-label every product. With the barcode scanner, it became incredibly easy to relate a code on a product to a reference in a table or database, making item lookup faster than ever. It also allows for faster inventory management, both in retail and in business settings.

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Receipt Printer

    Proof of transactions are easy with receipt printers. These space-saving devices provide greater customization than their older, integrated counterparts, giving you the option of adding branding, coupons, and more to your receipts. Available with quick direct thermal printing or longer lasting dot matrix impact printing, there are receipt printers available to speed your checkout process tremendously.

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Cash Drawer

    Cash drawers securely store and manage your cash, checks, or other financial documents during the course of a workday. Most are made from heavy duty metal and are hardened against day-to-day damage as well as attempts to break into them. They can be opened either from an electronic signal (usually through a receipt printer or the PC) or via manual button, giving you options when accessing bills.

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Touch Screen Monitor

    Order entry in restaurant, retail, and hospitality locations is easy with a touch screen monitor. Much like a smart phone or informational kiosk, users simply tap the screen to navigate menus, speeding up order entry and drastically cutting down on errors. These have been of tremendous value to restaurant owners, where excessive wait time can result in a loss of return customers.

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Pole Display

    Pole displays allow you to share transaction information with your customers, providing peace of mind and allowing them to spot potential order entry errors or price discrepancies before payment is made. Vacuum-Fluorescent Displays (VFDs) use the standard two-line, twenty character displays you see in many smaller convenience store locations. Manufacturers have added additional LCD-based displays, giving you the added benefit of incorporating digital signage to your checkout process.

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Magnetic Card Reader

    If you have integrated credit card processing software on your computer, a magnetic card reader is all but required. These devices read the magnetic strip on the back of credit cards or ID cards, sending that data on to whichever program requires it. These readers can also be used for employee access, speeding up the process and eliminating data entry errors that can occur when hand-entering employee IDs.

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