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Point of Sale Information and News for July 2010

Salon Iris Software is Feature Rich! 7/27/2010 4:58:06 PM

If you run a salon and you are looking for a point of sale solution consider Salon Iris.

Salon Iris is feature rich, and there are too many to list here, but it can tackle:


Booth renters

Employees (scheduling and appointments)

Resources (such as tanning beds, pedicure chairs, massage rooms etc.)

Services (manicures, pedicures, haircuts, massages, tanning etc.)

Clients (appointments, missed appointments, send reminders etc.)

Formula history (for hair dye)

Send mass mailings

Store client pictures and

Send appointment reminders

Has a built in help system

Can import from a preexisting database

Generates over 200 reports (with custom reports available)

Supports a barcode based inventory

Generates purchase orders and keeps track of suppliers

On the finance end, Salon Iris gives you–

General ledger

Gift card integration


Profit and loss reports

QuickBooks compatibility

Quotes and invoices

Employee time clock

Check it out at http://www.posguys.com/point-of-sale-software_35/Salon-Iris-Salon-Spa-Software_854/

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Time and Attendance Solution on the Cheap 7/22/2010 7:16:15 PM

Time and Attendance Solution on the Cheap

Here at POSGuys.com we have come up with an inexpensive means of tracking  time and attendance folders for students, meeting attendees, employees on a work site, and so forth.

The Opticon OPN2001 keychain scanner paired with Proxis Keychain Sync software.

The OPN2001 may be worn around the neck with the included lanyard. When the client’s barcode is scanned the time and date is recorded along with the scanned data.

When connected to a PC via USB cable (included) the Proxis Keychain Sync software imports the data and creates a .CSV file (spreadsheet) that can then be easily manipulated into Excel.

Oh…and several OPN2001 scanners can be used with one copy of the Proxis Keychain Sync Software!

This is not a complicated solution but if you budget requires a low-cost solution then this is it!

Here’s the link:


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How Does My Cash Drawer Connect to My Computer? 7/14/2010 6:30:25 PM

Cash Drawer Interfaces:

The majority of the applications for point of sale utilize the signal sent to the receipt printer to open the cash drawer.  So, every time a cash sale is sent to the receipt printer the drawer opens.  This requires an interface cable between the receipt printer and the cash drawer.  Each make and model of cash drawer requires a different cable and is based on the model of receipt printer being used.  For instance, if you’re using a POS-X cash drawer and an Epson printer, you would need the POS-X cash drawer cable that corresponds to the Epson brand printer.  Pretty easy, really.

However, if the point of sale application opens the drawer directly, the application will utilize a specific interface port (serial, USB or parallel).  This requires a cash drawer that does not have a printer interface but, instead has an appropriate serial, USB or parallel interface cable, usually provided with the drawer.  These cash drawers are generally more expensive than printer-driven models.

There are a few applications that require an “intelligent” cash drawer to perform specialized functions, such as operating two cash drawers from one printer or allowing two printers to operate one cash drawer.

The main difference between the Intelligent serial (Programmable serial interface) and normal serial interface is:

Intelligent serial interface can be used in conjunction with a printer on the same serial port using a Y Cable. The cash drawer will only operate on a specific command (character code) chosen by using the dip switches on the interface board, the customer’s software would need to be modified for the command.

Normal Serial can only be used alone on the port. The cash drawer will open on any command sent to the port. The customer’s software doesn’t need to be modified.

Parallel interface is also like the Intelligent serial interface, it can be used with a printer attached to the same port. The opening command has to be chosen using the dip switches and the customer’s program. If you are using a Y cable it has to be terminated. Buying a Y-cable is an option. The cash drawer is sold with a standard single connection cable.

http://www.posguys.com carries a wide variety of cash drawers in several interface.

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