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Retail Hero RMS Lite 5/30/2012 6:28:13 PM

We have a new software package up and ready to buy, RMS Lite from Retail Hero. The software is built as a lane add-on to Microsoft RMS, giving you additional checkstands for temporary relief. Personally, I feel like the software can be a great addition for businesses who see tremendous increases in seasonal sales or may take their inventory on the road but can’t afford to pay for an additional full RMS lane.

Retail hero built the software to closely match the user experience in RMS, familiar enough that employees can switch between RMS and RMS Lite with minimal issues. There’s even a handy dandy breakdown of RMS Lite’s Features, so you can see which features are shared between RMS and RMS Lite. For instance, RMS Lite doesn’t support check readers yet. Kind of a bummer, but I don’t see many check readers outside of grocers & banks so it’s not too big a deal.

The feature I really like in RMS Lite is their off-site mode, which should be a fantastic tool for trade shows, farmers’ markets, or any mobile retail setting. The mode allows you to take a portion of your inventory off-site, track sales, then resync the changes when you return. What I really like about this feature is that businesses can now send fully functioning POS checkstands to a trade show while staying open at their main retail space, thereby increasing the potential for sales with no downside.

Another major upside to RMS lite is that service contracts aren’t required for these licenses, so you can save a little more money and not getting dinged with renewal fees for a lane that’s used temporarily.

Retail Hero also has a video available, showing a general walkthrough of setting up the software to work with your RMS installation:

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