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New Barcode Scanner Totally Looks Like Master Chief 2/28/2014 5:19:15 PM

When I first started working here, there was already a barcode scanner that totally looks like an alien from the movie Alien. More scanners have been released since then, but none of them really looked like much of anything. Until today! Datalogic has a new presentation scanner out, the Gryphon I GPS4400, using their Gryphon 2D scanner in a new design.

And it bears a pretty solid resemblance to Master Chief from the Halo series.


It looks like Master Chief with a feeding or breathing tube or something.

As for the scanner itself, the Gryphon I GPS4400 is a pretty sturdy device. It’s about the size of a softball if you need something for scale. But compared to other presentation scanners, it offers a little beefier scanning. Kind of like you have a handheld scanner in a presentation design. The scanner has a solid heft to it, so doesn’t feel like it’s going to get dragged off a counter from a heavy cable or anything.

For retail barcodes, the GPS4400 can get reads from about a foot away. It’s definitely designed for “presenting” the barcode to the scanning window, as opposed to swiping it by like on an in-counter scanner. Datalogic’s Green Spot is up in there to give you visual cues of good scans. That kind of functionality is nice for places like libraries or music venues; places where the beep will be distracting or ambient noise is such that you wouldn’t hear it anyway.

In terms of durability, the scanner is pretty set for retail use. Four-foot drops won’t really slow it down, so if it does get knocked off a counter no biggie. It also has an IP62 seal, meaning it’s sealed against any dust and the odd splash of water. I wouldn’t put this out in the rain, but if you’re prone to spills, it should be okay.

The GPS4400 can be removed from the base if you want to like wall mount it or something. In that case it could be a good presentation scanner for a mobile ticketing or check-in application, like airplane boarding, for instance. All in all, the Datalogic Gryphon I GPS4400 is a smart 2D scanner at a good price.

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