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Unitech HT630 and uTransfer : Easy and Affordable Data Management 11/19/2012 6:50:02 PM

Mobile inventory management is a fantastic way to improve accuracy at your business and cut down on unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, most mobile computers and inventory management software can be pretty expensive. Often times you just need to be able to grab an inventory count and import it to your POS software, and thankfully Unitech has a solution for you.

The Unitech HT630 comes with a basic inventory app preinstalled, allowing you to capture item number, quantity, and other stock data. And with the free uTransfer software, you can pull the data from the HT630, ready to import into whatever POS software package you happen to run.

uTransfer is a serial data transfer application, supporting Windows Vista and older. The data is saved as a .DAT file, though you can do some minor settings changes to switch it to .txt or whatever floats your boat. Data files are saved to your desktop by default, making retrieval easy.

I think what I like about this setup compared to, say, a batch keychain scanner, is that you have an LCD screen and nav buttons, so you can double check your work as you go. So if you need some basic mobile inventory management, the HT630 and uTransfer is a smart and affordable option.

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