FAQ# 2174: How can I enable a carriage return on my Zebra/Motorola/Symbol barcode scanner?


How can I enable a carriage return on my Zebra/Motorola/Symbol barcode scanner?


Enabling a carriage return, or enter key, on your scanner is very straightforward. In the user manual for your scanner, under the scan options section, there are barcodes to enable the carriage return suffix.

For more detailed instructions, see our carriage return blog post!

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Zebra LI2208 The LI2208 offers the high power scanning you expect from Zebra. This durable linear imager has a tremendous depth of field, making it easy to read 1D barcodes in virtually any environment. A reinforced single-board design gives the LI2208 additional durability and resistance to day-to-day use and abuse.
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Zebra CS4070 Great at reading screens, the Zebra CS4070 Bluetooth 2D mobile scanner captures barcodes rapidly and would be best for high volume ticketing or inventory management.
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Symbol DS9208 The Symbol DS9208 puts great scanning in a small package. The rounded scanning window minimizes glare, making it easy for the scanner to read barcodes on LCD displays, allowing for mobile ticketing and couponing. A fast 2D scanner, it can handle high volume retail scanning, such as in department stores or pharmacies.
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